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“After sleep studies, polyp removal/CPAP masks, anf a myriad of other ‘snore cures’ had all failed, my wife and I were ‘lost’ and without direction. My snoring was surely having an impact on our marriage. Alas, in late May 2009 you fitted me for an oral appliance and everyone should know that it solved my problem …. from DAY ONE ! I was reluctant to write sooner, even though i had been keeping you [Dr. Chernick] informed, only because i wanted to be sure. Well now its been 5 months, nothing has changed from Day 1, and my wife and i have told everyone about the ‘cure’. Sorry I didnt do this sooner. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks !”

– Ken R.

“Dr. Chernick’s office is a pleasure. The staff is welcoming and competent. Appointments are completed on time, each time. Best of all, Dr. Chernick is extremely competent, patient and thorough. I highly recommend him and his office.

I have been scared of going to the dentist my whole life. While I have had terrible experiences and do not have the best genes as far as teeth go, Dr. Chernick completely changed my perception about going to the dentist. He carefully explains exactly what he is going to do in a calm and gentle way so you are not surprised or shocked as to what is going to happen next. Dr. Chernick is kind and very caring and extremely attentive to the needs and feelings of the patient. Every consult is professional and relaxing. The only regret I have is not going to him sooner.”

– Elizabeth R.

“Have been a patient for over 20 years! He’s a great dentist and a gentle man.”

-Elly K

” I have worked with Dr. Chernick for 20 years only to know him as the ultimate professional, caring and a thorough dentist.”

-Michele B.

“i highly recommend Dr. Chernick’s appliances.  He made me one a few years ago and it was very successful.”

-Mady A.

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