Office Manager

Kayti joined our team when Michele retired (after 23 years as office manager) and has risen to the task. She had big shoes to fill and has done so admirably. Kayti is experienced and responsible for all your insurance needs, billing questions and bookkeeping that is so vital to running a dental office. And she does all this with a smile on her face, all day, every day. We are very fortunate to have Kayti lead our team.


Irene is our newest dental assistant, sharing the job with Taylor while she is in school. Irene brings experience working in a physical therapy office and will be helping the rest of the team in any capacity as needed. She is a great addition and we are happy to have Irene join us.

Chair Side Assistant

Taylor has been with us since 2017 as a chairside dental assistant. Her youth and cheerfulness are an absolute pleasure to work with and I must say, she knows every step of every procedure, sometimes even before I do. That is the hallmark characteristic of the finest chairside assistant, Taylor also helps with medical insurance for our sleep disorder patients and when not working in the office is a Nursing student at Dominican College.


Michele was our office manager since 1996. She was responsible for all administrative aspects of the practice, Michele was especially skilled at getting our patients the best insurance coverage that they are entitled to. Michelle was a very able mentor to Kayti, our current office manager.